By Tony Lopez

LINDA (CBS13) — As the birds sang and the tree branches reached toward the setting sun, some Yuba College students were left reaching for answers.

Where did the trees go?

As the weather warms up, students discovered 10 liquid amber shade trees had been cut down.

But don’t blame vandals with a chainsaw. Campus officials had a plan to get of what they called “problem trees.” They knew some might see it as a shady move.

“I can understand the trees were here for a long time—for 40 years,” said Yuba College spokeswoman Miram Root—a fitting name for someone explaining this tree controversy.

“They were buckling the sidewalk and drop burr balls that were hazardous to students,” she said. “They were tripping on them. People were hurting themselves.”

But this move, officials say, won’t hurt the environment. Replacement trees are ready to go into the ground this Thursday.

“And these large trees are already mature and ready to start growing and start providing shade for the campus,” Root said.

Those trees were donated and won’t cost the district anything.

A campus that will only get hotter as the weeks go by, but where students will still find their relaxation time made in the shade.


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