MODESTO (CBS13) — A Modesto mom was upset when her daughter’s friend mocked her and made fun of her weight, but it’s the school’s response that made her pull her daughter out of that school.

Corina Fezi has been overweight all her life. She says she was bullied about it in school, but she never thought she’d be bullied for it at her daughter’s school.

“My whole life I’ve been picked on and bullied because I’m big,” she said.

She said she’s dealt with comments about her weight from a substitute teacher and a parent at Capistrano Head Start in the past, but what happened Monday hurt her so much, she talked to the school administration about it.

“One of the little girls came up to me and she goes ‘You’re big,’ and I said, ‘Excuse me, and she goes, ‘You’re big like this, not like this.’”

That little girl was friends with Corina’s little girl, but 4-year-old Kina Fezi says that’s over.

“It made me feel sad because my feelings were really hurt when she said that to her,” Kina said.

But the worst for Corina came from the family resource specialist at the school.

“She tells me that the kids call it as they see it and that she probably said that because she saw when I sit down that I filled up the whole chair,” Corina said.

Corina says all she wanted was for school leaders to talk to the girl’s parents, but she claims they brushed her off instead.

“As an adult, to have to go to my daughter’s school and feel the same way when I was 12, it’s just not OK,” she said.

So Corina pulled her daughter of the Head Start program, and she says Kina agrees with the decision.

“I would like to tell my friends and my teachers that it’s not OK to call my mommy names,” Kina said.

And Corina says no matter what the school does to make it right from here on out, her daughter will never be returning to the school .

We called the Capistrano Head Start program several times for a comment. Someone finally told us they’re aware of the situation.


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