Don started off the show by talking about how jealous we are of Pat & Tom as they’re giving away a month of free pest control then called Pat & Tom up to see how they were so lucky to land such a cherry prize. Then Don talked about the AP Twitter account getting hacked and how big of an impact Twitter has on our society. Don talks about how AJ Clemente is making the media rounds from the Today Show to The Late Show and that the best thing AJ could of done for his career was curse in his debut on TV. Don visited his friend Orlando to get his hair cut, and to try to hook Drew up with Kelly, Orlando’s assistant. Don tried to tape her giving a message to Drew, and yeah…it didn’t go that well.

Don comes back with a list of the top 200 jobs in America, radio DJ is number 180 and broadcaster is number 189. Iron worker & furniture upholster are better jobs. Don talked about how true personality radio is dying. The boys talked about fire fighters and the physical demand of that job, which lead Drew to talk about how disgusting his body is and questions why anyone would have sex with him. The guys talk about ball sweat and the products to prevent and the funky smells that a mans body produces. The guys play more clips from AJ Clemente making the rounds and talk about he might just be too stupid to do the news.

Don has another list, this list is of people who have had the most sexual partners in history and the boys talk about if they believe these numbers or not. Charlie Sheen has had 5,000 partners, Wilt Chamberlain has had 20,000. Don then tells stories of his sexual conquers throughout his many years in broadcasting. Little Joe calls a stupid texter and leaves him a message from Don.

Don comes back with a phone scan! Don of course throws out ask me anything & your best road rage story. Drew asked for your worse sex story. Phantom wanted to know what movie scene you want Krissy Summers to act out. Little Joe asked for your worse mistake you’ve made at your job in honor of AJ Clemente & Slow Joe asked about New Mexico.

Don welcomes back to the show Kevin Nealon. Kevin is performing at Cobbs Comedy Club in San Francisco this weekend. Don & Kevin talked about AJ Clemente, the impact of Twitter, the list of the most sexual partners and Kevin talked about the SNL groupies. Kevin also shared with us how he lost his virginity while working as a department store Santa…and of course, he lost it to his elf.

Phantom News Hour begins with People Magazine announcing the most beautiful woman, and the winner is Gwyneth Paltrow. Mike Meyers & Dana Carvey got together to talk about possibly making another Wayne’s World. Phantom closed out this portion of his news with a student in Florida who was high on LSD, naked and asked the cops to cut his penis off.

Phantom continues his news with a drunk man who tore his pants on a train, not wearing underwear. He then gives the top rated TV shows for the week. He wraps it up with a show for Drew, I Was Murdered.

And of course, we finish the show with caller 100!


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