SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY (CBS13) — An inmate walked away from the Honor Farm in San Joaquin County and still hasn’t been captured, leaving a victim in fear.

Sophie Castaneda helped police catch a burglar and his accomplice, Primotivo Savedra. The pair were arrested for breaking into Sophie’s home, but now Savedra’s free.

He was awaiting trial and staying at the Honor Farm—a place where doors stay unlocked and gates remain open during the day.

Savedra was classified as a nonviolent offender. The San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department says, due to overcrowding, they’ve had to use the Honor Farm to house inmates like Savedra.

“An individual that comes to the county jail, they are screened by classification and property crimes is one where they can eventually work their way to the Honor Farm,” Deputy Les Garcia said.

The victim’s mother is upset at the way this case has been handled.

“Why did they put him in a facility where he could just walk out? I’m very disgusted, I’m very disappointed,” said Nikki Castaneda.

She says the alleged burglars terrorized her daughter in her home. For that reason, she believes Savedra should have been locked up in a cell at a county jail.

“That’s wrong. that’s a violent act he did. Breaking into a person’s house is violence,” Nikki Castaneda said.

It’s a violent act that’s changed Sophie’s life. Now she’s hoping someone will see his mugshot and help put this accused burglar away for a very long time.

“I want to see him go back to jail, a better jail. One they can actually keep him in.” she said.

And the sheriff’s department says they’ve been actively looking for him and even sent out flyers. They say once he’s back in custody, he will be locked up in a cell.


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