Deputies say a pack of more than a half-dozen pit bulls may have killed about 200 goats near French Camp.

Neighbors have been on high alert since the goats were killed. This morning, a neighbor called animal control once he discovered a pit bull attacked his chickens.

With guns drawn, San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies hunted for a pit bull that’s believed to be part of a dangerous pack.

Deputies killed one dog earlier this week, but there hadn’t been a sighting of any more until Friday morning when neighbors spotted the gray pit bull.

“One of my granddaughters was out here. She doesn’t have fear of anything, so we wanted to get her into the house,” said Don Mount.

Deputies say someone else on the block fired a gun and possibly hit the dog, but it got away. A two-hour search ensued from a French Camp backyard to an industrial area lined with warehouses.

“Luckily we had no civilians attacked or threatened.” said Deputy Les Garcia.

Deputies first tried shooting the pit bull with a tranquilizer, but failed. A short while later, the dog was killed by a deputy.

Neighbors are on alert, hoping the rest of the pack is found soon.

“I have an American bulldog. I sure hate for her to get out and be sighted as a pit—which is a common mistake—and someone fire on our dog,” said Mount.

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