Don begins with the NFL Draft yesterday, and how boring it was. Don tells us that he did however, enjoy watching guys like Geno Smith and Manti Te’o, who didn’t get drafted, sit in the back room looking dejected. We also hear that the late Steve Bryant is in a contest on the “Today” show to get Al Roker to do the weather from his home. After Don tells us about digging holes in his backyard, and why he sucks at doing anything physical, we hear about an ad Don saw yesterday while watching “The Doctors,” about a German scent called “Vulva,” which is supposed to smell like a vagina. The guys then talk about which women they would like to have the vulva of bottled up, before we hear about a former Program Director of KHTK that is now a woman, and has a Facebook page.

We then get a visit from comedian Don Friesen. Don, who is performing at the Punchline in Sacramento this Fri-Sun, talks about his “clean act,” incorporating his family in his act, his influences in comedy, and getting into comedy after college. After Friesen, Doni plays a few clips from his CD, and we hear cuts from last night’s NFL Draft, including Commissioner Roger Goodell getting booed by the fans. We also hear about the “disaster draft” contingency plan that each professional sports organization has if a team goes down in a plane crash. Don then tells us about a guy who tried to jump from the observation deck of the Empire State Building, only to land on the floor below, and a new teen prank phenomenon that involves texting your parents about scoring drugs.

Then we get a visit from our good buddy, Tony Lopez, from CBS 13. TLo talks with the fellas about anchoring the news at 4 with Christina Anderson, his take on A.J. Clemente, his “more successful” siblings, and his “Tony Takes On” segment, that all the guys on the show enjoy. He also tells us how he handles reporting something like the Boston Marathon tragedy, and maintaining his professionalism during such crises. It’s then time for the “Phantom News.” Today, the VIP package at Universal Studios, a shooting at a Vallejo, CA T-ball game, movies this weekend, and Snoop Dogg bribed a police chief with a few “bleezies” to let him continue his 420 party. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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