It’s been an amazing 24 hours in Sacramento since it was announced that the NBA’s relocation committee recommended that the Kings stay in Sacramento, so Grant continued the Kings talk with fans and spoke with multiple NBA broadcasters to dive deeper into the topic.

Scott Howard-Cooper of joined Grant to discuss the Sacramento Kings staying put.

Howard-Cooper thought the recommendation to keep the Kings in Sacramento was a huge statement from the league. He said the NBA’s announcement wasn’t a “thank you letter” for the Kings, but rather a token of its belief in the viability of the Sacramento market going forward. Howard-Cooper also addressed Chris Hansen continuing his fight to purchase the Kings and the upcoming NBA Board of Governors vote that still must take place.

Grant’s TV partner Jerry Reynolds took some time to chat with him about the future of the Kings in Sacramento.

Reynolds said he was at home when he heard the news of the NBA’s recommendation and was jumping around with excitement. Reynolds said the Kings are his life and it would have been very tough to see the Kings franchise disappear if they had moved to Seattle. Reynolds also talked about the Kings’ low attendance when they were in Kansas City, the amazing fan base in Sacramento and the great run Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors have had this season.

NBA broadcaster Mike Breen came on the show to give another national opinion of the Kings news and the first round of the playoffs.

Breen shared his reaction to the NBA relocation committee’s recommendation and congratulated Grant on the news. Breen also talked about the New York Knicks’ chances of beating the Miami Heat, broadcasting the Warriors/Denver Nuggets game and the injuries that have plagued this year’s playoffs.

Gary Gerould, the long-time radio voice of the Kings, was on the show today.

Gerould gave his opinions on the NBA’s committee recommendation, and shared his memories and history broadcasting for the Kings.


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