ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A Roseville man was attacked early Tuesday morning after he tried to disperse a group of teenagers making a ruckus in front of his home.

At around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, Don Viescas, 79, victim walked out in front of his home to ask a group of noisy youths to move along, said Roseville police spokesperson Dee Dee Gunther. Five of the boys charged the man, knocked him down and repeatedly hit and kicked him.

“Everyone’s trying to sleep here, you know,” Don Viescas said, “And then they seen me and they started cussing me out. They were just cussing and trying to act tough.”

He says a teen then picked up a river rock from his front lawn and hit him in the head with the 10-12 pound rock. Police say once he was on the ground, the teens kicked and punched the elderly victim before running off.
His son, Don Viescas Jr., was working on his truck nearby when he saw his father go down

“They scattered, so I went after them,” he said.

The Don Viescas, Sr., was treated for minor injuries at the hospital and released.

Police searched the neighborhood and found one teen hiding in a nearby yard. Officers found the others on South Lincoln Street. All five suspects face charges of aggravated assault, elder abuse and other related charges.

A 17-year-old suspect and a 16-year-old suspect are from Roseville. A second 16-year-old suspect is from Antelope. Matthew Javaughn Nunley of Roseville and Christopher Crishan Clements of Elk Grove – both 18 — were booked into the Placer County Jail on $50,000 bail.


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