SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An Elk Grove father is behind bars in the Sacramento County Jail on charges of producing alleged child pornography using hidden cameras inside his own home.

Michael Gibson was arrested by members of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Friday, and is set to appear in federal court on Monday.

Federal investigators began looking into the case, after a computer at the his residence allegedly linked to an online child pornography file-sharing network.

Friday, investigators revealed that a search warrant served Wednesday at Gibson’s home in the 9800 Block of Nature Trail Way resulted in recovery of a computer hard drive loaded with alleged child pornography. Authorities said they believe the married father himself created some of it using the hidden cameras.

Ted Matthews is a neighbor of the suspect. Matthews said, “It really is sick, you know, and I can’t even fathom the thought that’s my neighbor.”

Another neighbor says the arrest came a day after the family celebrated a birthday for one of two young sons.

Yvette Grandison, a neighbor, said, “I seen him pull in and they had all kinds of gifts in the back of their van, and the next morning, the cops were here.”

Authorities say they believe the married father himself created some of the child pornography uncovered using the hidden cameras.

Federal prosecutors say in court documents Gibson installed cameras in several bathrooms to record unsuspecting children going to the bathroom and showering.

The criminal complaint describes one of the videos found. The officer said in the complaint, “It appears as if Michael Gibson turns on the shower and then walks out. The girl then undresses and the camera angle is set in such a way that it captures the girl completely nude.”

Investigators also said they found “camera pens” in the home, devices that appeared like regular pens, with a camera lens hidden above the clip.

Neighbors in the quiet, upscale community describe Gibson as a nice guy. They sounded shocked to hear of the arrest.

Neighbor Cathy Middleton is concerned. She said, “My daughter used to babysit for them before she went to school but yeah I never would’ve suspected.”

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