ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — The search for a missing Roseville woman took a significant turn as police learned the woman’s wallet was found on Wednesday by a good Samaritan—the same day Susan Jacobson went missing.

Within hours of police asking the public to identify a jogger who found the wallet, she came forward to Roseville Police. She tells CBS13 there was no cash or credit cards in the wallet when she found it.

“I just saw business cards and stuff all over the sidewalk, and then I realized there was a purple wallet there with it, so I bent down and first thing I saw was her driver’s license,” the woman who wished to remain unnamed said.

The face on that license, now burned into her memory after finding out Jacobson was reported missing by her husband of 35 years.

Chris Jacobson said the 59-year-old told him she planned to run errands Wednesday, including a stop at a Raley’s near where her wallet was found.

The jogger would find her wallet two hours after Chris Jacobson said goodbye to his wife at their home.

“She wouldn’t drop or lose her wallet,” he said. “That’s not something that she would lose.”

Her husband hopes the wallet holds clues to where it is. He says he’s not losing hope he’ll see his wife again.

“I just want to be here for when she comes back,” he said.

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