By Tony Lopez

SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Little Leaguers ran for their lives Tuesday night as shots were fired a second time this month at a south Sacramento park.

Damien Roberts, 6, was just about to take his turn in the batter’s box when he and his T-ball buddies went running for cover.

“I didn’t hear anything, but the coaches just said to leave,” he said.

Scottie Roberts is the Florin Little League president and Damien’s dad. He’s furious that shots were fired at a park just a few hundred yards away from four Little League games in full swing.

“The parents can’t be happy,” he said. “I’m not happy as a parent.”

This is the second time in less than a month that baseball has been interrupted by bullets. In both cases, people who saw the gunman open fire refused to cooperate with investigators.

“I’m tired of people keeping their mouths shut.” Scottie Roberts said. “If people would speak up about what they saw, more of these idiots would be off the streets, not causing these problems.”

In this incident, no one was hit and no suspects were found. But the true victims of this crime are those who are no longer here: Kids like Damien who should have been playing baseball.

He may have missed his turn at the plate, but he does have a message to whomever cut his game short: “You’re bad people.”

There are more games planned for tomorrow on these fields, but there’s a good chance some players will be staying home.

The Little League president expects more than a few phone calls from worried parents wondering if they should send their kids to play ball.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies did detain one teenager for a short time, but later determined he may have been the target of the gunfire.


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