STOCKTON (CBS13) – Delta College fashion students were showing off their skills Wednesday, putting together an entire fashion show — complete with a runway and dozens of models.

“There’s a lot of hours that go into it. I can’t even count,” said Kathy Vahn, apparel design and fashion merchandising major.

For the past 16 weeks, students at Delta College have worked tirelessly to put together at least six complete outfits.

“We have 10 student designers who design a complete collection from scratch — start to finish,” said fashion program Director Leslie Asfour said.

Just two days before the big show, students are working on the finishing touches.

“We are here until four in the morning. We do sometimes all nighters to prepare for workshops and rehearsals,” said Asfour.

It’s obvious this is a passion for the student designers.

“I sleep, eat, dream it,” said Vahn.

Vahn is hoping to eventually get her bachelors degree and then wants to be a household name.

“I want my own brand one day. That’s my biggest goal,” she said.

Seeing the finished product is a proud moment, not only for the students but their teacher too.

“You see a student who probably was not given many breaks along the line, now thriving and succeeding,” said Asfour.

Designing these outfits isn’t cheap. In fact, the designers say each outfit costs more than $100 to create. All of the money raised at the fashion show will go back into the school to go toward scholarships for fashion students.

After getting their degree, students are able to work in big cities for fashion shows or even continue designing their own clothes.

The fashion show is Friday at Delta College, starting at 8 p.m.

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