SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sheriff’s deputies detonated a live grenade found during a narcotics investigation in Sacramento.

“My husband woke up to the big boom,” neighbor Ruby Feldman said.

Deputies went to a home on Marconi Avenue and Bell Street on Wednesday at 7 a.m. to serve a warrant for narcotics.

“They rammed the door and (my husband) was getting ready for work. And he saw them do it, then he said the streets were blocked off and he said it was just insane,” Feldman said.

They detained six people. They also found a shoe box containing a grenade that was determined to be live, and quickly called in the bomb squad to detonate it.

“That’s crazy cause, I know, they have children. I drive by here everyday and I see the kid out there playing,” said neighbor Kurt Finch.

The bomb squad took the grenade out of the house, dug a hole in the backyard and then detonated it — which got the attention of neighbors.

“The neighborhood is not the best. When you do live in a neighborhood like this you kind of do realize the surroundings,” said Finch.

According to the sheriff’s department, six people lived in the home. The owner — who admitted to buying the grenade years ago — will be charged.

“Relived, just relived,” said Feldman.

The sheriff’s department also brought out a bomb-sniffing dog to sweep the area after the grenade was detonated.


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