SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Roman Zima got a call from his panicked wife moments after a minivan crashed through his backyard wall.

“She was crying, my first thought was something happened with the kids,” he said.

And something almost did happen to Roman’s baby who was in a crib that’s now a scrap pile after a crash this morning.

Witnesses say a woman was traveling at nearly 90 mph in a Jeep Grand Cherokee when she smashed through a wall on Watt Avenue, sending rubble into nearby homes in the 7800 block of Gull Way around 10 a.m. on Wednesday.

“I thought a bomb exploded, that’s what I thought the way it sounded,” witness Larry Dea said said.

The crash sent concrete flying into Roman’s house and landed where his young child had been sleeping minutes before.

“I am thinking my kids were there,” he said.

Feeling the weight of the rocks that flew into his baby’s bedroom, Roman can only imagine what it would have done if it hit someone.

Luckily no one in these homes was hurt. The condition of the driver though is uncertain tonight.


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