ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Roseville Police say a Rocklin man managed to carjack his own car at gunpoint.

Damon Lynch’s car was impounded after a DUI a few nights back. Cops say he went down to the All Valley Tow Yard to get it back.

“And he didn’t have any money to pay for it,” said Lynch’s friend, Jimmie Claybrook. “He’d just paid his rent.”

When his credit cards were declined, Roseville Police say Lynch decided to carjack his own car at gunpoint. Police later found him at a bar.

His friends say the allegations are out of character for the 21-year-old college student.

“Anybody could say that’s a dumb thing. he went and took something that had his name on it,” Claybrook said.

Lynch’s friends claim the DUI charge was bogus. While they don’t condone his alleged actions at the tow yard, they say the DUI arrest was what pushed him over the edge.

About to graduate from Sierra College with plans to attend Sacramento State, Lynch now faces hard time on armed robbery and carjacking charges.

His car is back at the same tow yard, and this time it’ll cost him more than $300 to get it back—he’s behind bars on $100,000 bail.


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