By Rob McAllister

SEATTLE (CBS13) – A Seattle fan got a personal response from an NBA owner this week to why the relocation committee decided Sacramento should keep the Kings.

In a string of direct messages on Twitter between Miami Heat owner Micky Arison and a fan who goes by @Dah_knee, Arison wrote:

“…the question b4 the committee is has Sac done all it should to keep the team. The answer is yes. Not a vote abt Sea.”

The post — reported on Seattle’s Sports Radio KJR — confirms many reports that detail the decision was not based on the strength of Seattle’s offer led by hedge fund manager Chris Hansen, but based on the NBA Board of Governors’ Article VII that asked:

What is the support of the team in the existing location? What is the ability of the existing location to continue to support the team?

Apparently the answers to those questions were enough to persuade a 7-0 vote by the committee members. A full vote by the league’s owners is expected on May 15th in Dallas.

Seattle fans have maintained that the league, especially Commissioner David Stern, is out to get the Emerald City after how events unfolded when the Sonics left for Oklahoma City in 2008. But, griping about it now and continuing to harass and call the NBA names is not sitting well with league owners.

Arison wrote on Twitter:

“U don’t get it. We are voting to leave or not Sac. I love Sea and will support a team there but honestly u r making it harder to support u.”

The fan pleaded that Seattle did work as hard as Sacramento has to keep the Sonics, noting that Microsoft billionaire Steve Ballmer made a pitch to Clay Bennett in the final months before the move.

@Dah_knee wrote: “…NBA wouldn’t listen to Balmers pitch to buy team last minute in 08. 1 of our bigger gripes is the handling of us vs other cities.”

@MickyArison response: “Sorry but u r wrong Balmer never stepped up in 08 & the issue was the turning down of the arena project…” adding in his next tweet, “That proposal was unacceptable to the league and they knew it.”

The entire conversation can be read on Seattle’s Sports Radio KJR’s website.


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