SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Rocco’s owner says the 5-pound dog was no match for the two pit bulls that broke through their fence, attacked and killed him.

Selena Kinnebrew says the attack happened so quickly, she couldn’t reach Rocco in time.

“I cannot get the last agonizing seconds of my dog screaming for his life — the brutality of him being ripped apart,”

Her 11-year-old son, Gabriel Kinnebrew, ran with her to the backyard where they heard barking and growling.

“They grabbed my dog by the neck.”

He says he saw two pit bulls next door, breaking through the wooden fence. His mom tried to grab Rocco, but she says they already yanked him to the other side.

“Knowing in those last moments he probably was looking for me to help him,” Selena said.

She says she screamed for help, but by the time someone next door came out, it was too late. She says her neighbors grabbed the pit bulls, got in the car with them and took off.

Selena’s neighbor claims it was Rocco that came into their backyard.

But Gabriel knows what he saw. His dog being killed on what was Roccos’ first birthday.

Selena says she’s still so traumatized about what happened, she hasn’t stepped foot in her backyard since the attack.

Selena says since her neighbor’s not giving her any answers, she’s filed a report with the Sacramento County Animal Control Department.


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