SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A conservative group is calling for parents to keep their children home from school on a day commemorating the first openly gay lawmaker., a site affiliated with the Campaign for Children and Families, is running an ad in Sacramento and Los Angeles calling for a boycott of Harvey Milk Day.

In 2009, California lawmakers recognized May 22 in his honor. To counter that, the group is running 60-second radio ads encouraging parents to keep their children home from school.

“Children belong to the parents, not to the state, and to force a sexual agenda and a political agenda upon children, that’s highly inappropriate,” said spokesman Randy Thomasson.

Parents who talked to CBS13 couldn’t disagree more with what the group is proposing.

“I think that’s ridiculous,” said Jennifer Postlethwaite. “I would be happy if my daughter would learn about Harvey Milk at school.”

I’m surprised that is even an issue to be honest at this day and age,” said Matt Bolton. “It really is rather shocking.”

Thomasson said parents should have the final say about what their children learn.

“The only thing parents can do is because this is done behind their backs is to keep their kids home from this sexual indoctrination,” he said.

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