SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Pamela Aguilar says her 6-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter discovered something too racy for their young eyes in the mail.

She says she didn’t think anything of the white envelope from Power Labs in Newhall, California, that was addressed to her husband. The outside read “Natural science has finally solved your biggest problems.”

But nothing hinted at the naughty pictures inside.

It turns out that Power Up is a male supplement company. Pamela insists she and her husband never ordered anything that would put them on the company’s mailing list.

When she called Power Up, a customer service rep took her off the mailing list, but couldn’t explain how she got on it.

“I said, how would you feel if you had young children that opened up this?” Pamela said.

Pamela says from now on, no one’s opening up the mail in her home, except for Mom and Dad.

“I’m just horrified that this could be something that could be brought into our home,” she said.

A representative at Power Labs told us a supervisor would call us back tonight. We’re still waiting for that call.


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