By Rob McAllister

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The large grocery box stores may be making a comeback in Sacramento as changing an old rule may entice these chains to build in the capital city once again.

“I think that’s a great idea,” said one shopper.

The city of Sacramento is taking a good look at changing the box store ordinance for what they say will level the playing field against other cities in the area allowing Targets and Walmarts to move in without the extra demands.

“For me, I want to see more of these types of stores within the city limits,” said Joe Hitomi, who shops at big-box stores.

Cities like Rocklin and Elk Grove have nearly the same amount of these super grocery stores as Sacramento has even though Sacramento’s population is more than double that of suburb communities.

“I live in Greenhaven and there’s no Walmart or Target and I have to drive all the way over here to Broadway just to go to Target,” said Sacramento resident Lonnetta Williams.

“We’ll go out to Natomas or Roseville but it’d be nice if there were more,” said Sacramento resident Andre Martinez.

The ordinance requiring an extra economic impact analysis for giant box stores that also sells groceries was put in place to protect local markets. And some shoppers want it to stay that way.

“I’d like to see fewer box stores. Box stores like Walmart aren’t unionized and they tend to pay their employees really low wages,” said Sacramento resident Joan Markoff.

The city is finding people are just driving outside the city to go to these stores, causing Sacramento to lose valuable revenues that could help pay for police officers, firefighters and road repairs.

“You’re talking tax dollars right there. You’re talking money and money talks,” said Sacramento resident Michael Lunardi.

The planning and design commission will discuss the idea on Thursday. The California retailers association supports repealing the ordinance.

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