DIXON (CBS13) — Kathy Maurer has spent 40 years shaping young minds in Dixon. Before she retires, Maine Prairie High School students and teachers gave her one last hurrah.

The Dixon teacher was surprised with a barbecue at the quad, surrounded by students and staff.

“It’s a surreal feeling today. It’s actually the end,” she said. “I’m gonna miss the kids because the kids have been such a part of my life.”

With shouts of, ‘We love you” across the quad, almost everyone at the barbecue was fighting back tears as they say goodbye to Kathy.

“She’s my favorite teacher of all time and she got me through a lot of hard things,” said senior Jessica French.

One by one, students gave her flowers and gifts, including a bench that will soon become a permanent fixture at the school.

Kathy estimates she’s taught thousands of students and thinks retiring will be hard because teaching has been such a large part of her life.

“I hope I’ve had an impact on their lives,” Kathy said. “I know they have in mine.”

Throughout the past year, her husband has arranged for a former student or teacher she worked with to bring her flowers once a month at the school.


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