By Mikhail Chernyavsky

I feel like I just continue to repeat myself every time I review any film in the Fast and Furious franchise, because it feels like I’ve been repeatedly watching the same film for the last decade.

I won’t bore you with hackneyed puns like “high-octane thrill ride” or “get your NOS ready.” Simply put, if you’ve enjoyed the franchise thus far, then you’ll continue to be pleased with “Fast & Furious 6.”

It’s hard to believe that a 2001 action film about illegal street racing would garner such popularity to launch five sequels — showing no intent to stop anytime soon. The seventh film is expected to begin filming this summer.

Six picks up right where “Fast Five” left off. The crew is enjoying retirement after their last $100 million heist. That is until Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) comes to Dom (Vin Diesel) for some help to catch world-class criminal Shaw (Luke Evans), whose car-wielding crew just can’t be caught.

If there is anything the Fast and Furious series has accomplished, it’s discovering a formula that is so simple it doesn’t seem to be able to fail: fast cars, action, and scantily clad women. What more do you need from a film simply aimed at entertaining audiences?

The important thing is that this franchise does what it does well. The races and crashes are well choreographed — as are the fight scenes. More importantly, the films don’t try and ground themselves to a relatable level of reality. It is that fantasy element that allows audiences to suspend their disbelief and enjoy the films, no matter how over-the-top they get.

This isn’t the hottest film of the year, nor is it the must-see film of the summer season, but it certainly keeps you entertained. And in the age of countless sequels, that’s all a paying customer can hope for.


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