STOCKTON (CBS13) – A neighbor discovered a 90-year-old woman unconscious in her garage after a broad daylight attack left the great-grandmother with some major facial injuries.

The woman has lived in her home since the 1960s and never thought this would happen.

“I really don’t remember much. I didn’t think I was hurt as bad as I look,” the woman said.

A broken nose, concussion, and some knocked-out teeth are just a few of the injuries the 90-year-old great-grandmother suffered after coming face-to-face with a robber inside her garage Thursday afternoon.

“I was putting clothes in the dryer, all of the sudden I found myself on the ground with somebody’s hand over my face and I didn’t think he was hurting me,” she said.

That’s because she passed out and doesn’t remember what happened next.

The burglar went inside, swiped her house keys, but didn’t stop there.

“My wallet is missing and a couple of credit cards were in there that I’m not happy about,” the woman said.

A neighbor discovered the woman and called for help.

She’s home recovering and surrounded by relatives in town to celebrate her 90th birthday earlier this month. Her son says it’s obvious she could not have fought back.

“Physical violence, absolutely unnecessary, particularly for someone that old and frail,” her son Martin Hogue said.

Stockton police investigators are canvassing the neighborhood for clues and looking anyone who may have seen the brazen attacker.

“If this guy can do this to this victim, who knows what else he can do to somebody else,” said Officer Joseph Silva. “We need to get him off the street.”

The woman and her family are hopeful an arrest will come soon.

“I hope he gets caught and whatever they do to justify this kind of thing,” the great-grandmother said.

The woman’s family has changed the locks, and says she’ll no longer be alone.


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