SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento State graduate student is trying to make a difference with his art — fighting hunger by making 1,000 bowls.

Christopher Max Thompson was inspired to create a possible solution to help hunger after he learned artists in years past believed their art could change the world.

“I see my art as a gift that I can give back to society and the world,” he said.

Life is usually about take, take, take; claw your way to the top, and get what you can. So Thompson wanted to do something he loves and still make a difference.

“One in five people experience not getting enough to eat. A lot of those are women, children, and the elderly,” said Thompson.

He’s been working on making all 1,000 bowls for more than a year. Thompson plans on selling the bowls for between $50 to $100 and then will donate the money to three charities fighting hunger in the Sacramento area. If all the bowls sell, he will raise at least $50,000 for the charities.

“For every dollar donated to them, turn it into $8 dollars worth of food, what a wonderful thing,” the artist said.

Not only is he giving back, but he says people who buy the bowls are doing the same.

“Enjoy something beautiful in their homes and also have a sense that they’re doing something for social good,” Thompson said.

The bowls will go on sale starting in July and will be available at 12 different art galleries around Sacramento.

Thompson will also be showcasing his work at Second Saturday Art Walk.

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