By Mikhail Chernyavsky

I’ve never been a big fan of the relaunched vampire craze since the dawn of the “Twilight” saga; and to be honest, HBO’s “True Blood” has contributed greatly to my annoyance with this fad.

But despite some critics’ complaints about the show, including my own, I still find the bloodsucking series entertaining with its borderline soap opera plotlines, which make it easy for viewers like me to follow along — even after missing an episode or two.

Regardless, this Blu-ray package isn’t for the average viewer. The features are made for fans looking to really dive deeper into the making of the show.

Audio Commentaries: The feature really lets the audience get a better understanding of what the cast and crew were thinking while filming or writing some of season five’s episodes.

I’ve always enjoyed this standard feature. Listening to the commentaries allows audiences to really nerd-out during their favorite episodes and discover things like what was scripted and what cinematic magic was merely serendipitous.

Authority Confessionals: Reality television seems to be the inspiration behind this next feature. Members of the Authority discuss their pasts in these confessional-type videos — yes, in character.

It may seem campy, but I really enjoyed watching the actors break the fourth wall while in character.

Autopsy: This picture-in-picture feature is exactly what fans are looking for in a special feature. Think of this as the visual commentary. As such, Autopsy dissects the season’s sixth episode, “Hopeless,” with behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, which give fans a truly in-depth look at how the show is made.

Hopefully this feature will be available on more, if not all, of next season’s episodes.

Digital Copy: This, along with Ultraviolet, is really becoming a standard feature with most show and movie combo packs. Whether you use it or not, it’s a great option to have in our multi-platform, digital world. Take your favorite episodes with you on all your portable devices the legal way.

Enhanced Viewing: This neat viewing mode offers up cool bonuses such as flashback videos, biographies, a bit of history, and even some trivia — all while watching an episode. This is a fantastic feature that really demonstrates the creative prowess of Blu-ray by creating an interactive experience for the viewer.

Inside The Episode: I love this feature that HBO has added to its original programming. These episode reflections offer up some analysis of what just happened, and even give a better understanding of why things are developing the way they are. If you’ve watched the entire season, then this feature shouldn’t spoil anything for you. Otherwise, it’s best to watch the feature after each corresponding episode.

True Blood Lines: This family tree provides information about the show’s characters — from humans to vampires and every supernatural entity in between. Although interactive, this feature really is built for the die-hard fan. It’s easy to get confused and not understand how everyone is connected, unless you have a strong grip on all the characters and story lines.

Overall, season five has some fun features that educate fans about the show as well as entertain. But if you’re the type of fan who has little interest for special features, at least the high definition of the Blu-ray makes for a great viewing experience.


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