CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — A pet owner says his two huskies were killed by a California Highway Patrol officer in a case of mistaken identity.

The CHP tells CBS13 they killed one animal over what it did.

Paul Tolle says his huskies, Slush and Buck, escaped from his apartment on Saturday after someone broke into his place.

“Our dogs chased them out, jumped over the fence and went after them,” he said.

For the next two days he looked for his pets, even making signs.

Then he heard through friends that his dogs had been found and shot by a CHP officer.

The CHP says it received a call Tuesday night of two wolves attacking a deer in Carmichael. Not long after, another call came about two wolves running into people’s yards.

When the officer arrived, CHP says the animals were aggressive. Out of concern for people in the neighborhood, the officer admits he shot one of the dogs and accidentally ran him over.

Paul says his huskies were never violent. He thinks they were shot because they looked like wolves.

“Our dogs are friendly,” he said. “They don’t bite anybody. They’re not vicious. They can walk up to the dog, pet them, and they know commands.”

Paul believes what the officer did was unfair and the officer needs to be held accountable.

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