Tuesday on The Jason Ross Show it’s time for some TRUTH or TRASH! Our team come up with statements like: Tiger Woods will win the US Open, Tim Tebow will play more snaps at other positions this season than at QB, and Kenny Smith will be a part of the Kings front office team. Listeners then chime in and help debate which statements are truth or trash!

No team has been selected for the HBO show HardKnocks this season. We asked listeners what team they want on the show and who they absolutely don’t want?

The Jason Ross Show welcomes Kings Assistant Coach Chris Jent. He talks about how excited he is to work for one of the best young coaches in the NBA. He also talks about being on the same page as Michael Malone and the rest of the organization and how being a college coach last year will help the Kings in this years draft.

Tebow is back. We asked listeners if they feel like the media coverage of Tebow make you hate him?

Former NFL Linebacker Bill Romanowski joins The Jason Ross Show. He talks about Tim Tebow leading the Patriots to the Super Bowl in the next few years and how Tebow will take over for Tom Brady over time. He also touches on the Niners going into their season with out Michael Crabtree.


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