SOUTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Three people were arrested Thursday night in connection with a prostitution ring hidden in plain sight.

Agents conducted a sting operation at four South Sacramento homes and two more in San Mateo. Federal investigators say the girls at the home were often there for a short period before being shipped to another home, or out of state.

The Department of Justice spent five months investigating before the sting.

Neighbors were surprised to find out they were living next to a brothel, but thought it was a good place to hide the activities going on inside the home because of a nearby light-rail station.

“There was always a bunch of cars, different cars always parking right there,” said Katrina Rodriguez.

After learning about the investigation, one neighbor says one thing doesn’t make sense.

“On occasion there would be a lot of guys going in and out, but we wouldn’t see a lot of women,” said Chris Xiong.

At this point, investigators have not disclosed if the females in the brothel were underage.


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