ANTELOPE (CBS13) — The death of a family’s pet goat is pitting neighbor against neighbor in a feud that just keeps getting uglier.

While an Antelope family believes their goat was poisoned, their neighbors are telling a much different story.

Eric Luzaki says his family’s pet goat’s sudden death came at the hands of their neighbor.

“Everybody adored that goat,” he said. “He was my best friend. I took care of him every day since I found him when he was a day old.”

The feud between the neighbors goes back a few months, starting when the neighbor shot a squirrel with a BB gun.

CBS13 knocked on the neighbor’s door to ask why. The man’s girlfriend said they’ve had problems with squirrels getting into the attic, so he was trying to keep them away.

“And we went over to the house to talk about it because they’re all freaking out and they pulled a shotgun on us,”  said Amy Wuerstlin.

Eric and Angie deny that ever happened. In the meantime, their neighbors say they love animals and would never poison a pet.

“I’m a little bit confused they sound a little nutty for me, accusing us of poisoning their goat,” said Wuerstlin.

Either way, the feud is coming to an end soon, because both sides say they’re moving out.

“The home that I spent three years turning into a home I’m now gonna move out of because I don’t feel safe anymore and nobody cares,” said Angie Luzaki.

Deputies have responded to the neighborhood multiple times, but say there is no evidence the neighbor used reckless disregard in firing the BB gun.

Animal control has decided not to get involved for now.


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