ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Kevin Jacobson is expecting a baby he hopes his mother will be able to see someday.

But with Susan Jacobson missing since May 1, hopes are fading of finding the Roseville woman after she disappeared at a shopping center.

“My biggest fear is, you know, she’s suffering,” said Kevin Jacobson.

His father, Chris Jacobson, told investigators his wife left on May 1 to run errands, including the Raley’s a few minutes away. Her car was found with the doors unlocked in parking lot, with her purse inside. Her wallet was found by a jogger on a nearby sidewalk.

Roseville Police have no new leads on her disappearance.

Kevin says investigators have looked at many possibilities, including questioning his father on her disappearance.

Volunteers have searched fields, posted fliers and even offered a dog to track Susan’s scent. That dog tracked it to a field across from the Raley’s, but then lost it.

Kevin says her friends were her family, so his mother doesn’t have anywhere to run.

“This is not normal for her, and it’s very concerning,” he said. “We do not believe she left on her own.”

He says she especially wouldn’t run off now, with the birth of her first grandchild coming.

Out of all the possibilities, Kevin thinks his mother could have suffered a mental breakdown, but he believes his mother was more likely met with foul play.


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