SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A daughter’s alleged theft of $65,000 from her elderly mother is a reminder for seniors to keep a close eye on their money.

A foundation that helps elderly people says it’s not an uncommon crime, but it often goes unreported.

After 29 years with the DMV, Margaret Neely had put money away for herself.

“I was looking out for myself, so that nobody had to take care of me.”

But then she realized that money was gone. She said $65,000 disappeared from her account.

Her panic turned into an investigation that would turn her world upside down.

Her only daughter, Carol Myrick, is now facing felony charges in the alleged theft.

“I am crushed,” Neely said. “She said, ‘I did, and you can’t do a g—— thing about it.”

Carole Herman is with the Foundation Aiding the Elderly. She says while it’s not uncommon, parents can’t get the courage that Neely had.

“They’re embarrassed about saying, ‘Gee my daughter stole all this money.’ They’re embarrassed to call the authorities.”

Herman recommends finding a bank that is proactive in monitoring accounts for fraudulent activity. She also recommends having a third party, like an accountant, keep an eye on finances.

Margaret noticed the alleged theft and now she’s working with her bank to get her money back and making the tough choice to turn her daughter in.

She now has a restraining order against her daughter and has taken her out of her will.


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