YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) — A few drops of unwelcome and unexpected rain on a gloomy June day is bad news for Katie Kelly’s peaches and nectarines.

“If the wind dries ’em quickly, there won’t be as much damage,” Kelly said at Impossible Acres, outside Davis. “On some crops, it will cause cracking and [they] can get infected by little funguses and stuff like that.”

Monday’s drizzle is a drain for farmers. Some may have to pay extra to spray their crops. Others will have difficulty harvesting in muddy fields.

One of Yolo County’s biggest crops, alfalfa, could be damaged.

Yolo County Farm Bureau Director Eric Paulsen says damaged alfalfa can still be sold, just at a lesser price. Wheat and grapes are also at risk.

“I don’t know the extent, but this rain will cause some damage,” Paulsen said.

Kelly says she isn’t as worried. She has a smaller farm where people come to pick the fruit themselves.

But larger commercial farming operations could be taking a big hit.


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