ORANGEVALE (CBS13) — An Orangevale man likely won’t face charges after causing an explosion inside his garage that triggered evacuations around his home.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputies say a man in his 30s was in his garage on Trajan Way mixing chemicals when the blast happened, sending him to the hospital with burns and injuries to his hands.

“Not material in and of itself is illegal, but obviously the combination of it can create bad things,” said Sgt. Jason Ramos.

People who live on Trajan Drive were frightened when they heard the blast and saw smoke coming from their neighbor’s garage.

Deputies say he will not face any charges because they don’t believe he had any intention of hurting anyone.

“There was a tremendous risk to people with him using these chemicals, manipulating them not in a controlled environment,” said Ramos, “but again, because the materials are not illegal to possess, he’s not looking at any criminal charges now.”

Neighbors tell CBS13 he is former military and would often be seen building things like rocket engines in his garage.

“Maybe get a warehouse, like a shop somewhere in an industrial area where you’re not going ot hurt anybody,” said neighbor Gary Azevedo.

In his online blog, he describes himself as a disabled combat veteran who has a degree in aerospace engineering. He also said he was “working on a pyrotechnic system” similar to one for small planes.

But neighbors hope after what happened, he’ll stop experimenting so close to home.

“I paid way too much for my house to have a chance of me getting blown up or set on fire, because some jackass is making explosives in his garage.”

Deputies say they detonated any leftover materials they found in the home.


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