STOCKTON (CBS13) — The city of Stockton wants to implement a plan that would increase the sales tax to pay for extra police officers in the bankrupt city.

Outrage and understanding came as the Stockton City Council discussed what it’s calling the Marshall Plan to increase the city sales tax by three-quarters of a percent.

The concern is how the cash will be spent. The plan would lead to the hiring of 120 officers in an understaffed police department, while at the same keeping the city afloat.

But if it is approved by voters, the money would have no strings.

“I don’t trust that you people are going to follow it, and if you’re going to ask us to pass this tax, you’re going to have to put some teeth in it.”

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, who originally didn’t back the plan,said he has changed his mind. He agrees making sure the city is accountable is the only way to go.

“If the right safety protection measures are in place to make sure the funding is not going ot be abused, then it’s the right thing for Stockton,” he said.

Silva, who recently had his wallet and bag stolen, agrees with other members that a separate groups should watch the funds, if the voters agree.

Under the proposed plan, two-thirds of the tax revenue would be used for public safety, while the other third would be given to other city services.

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