SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The extreme heat sizzling the Sacramento region is part of the job for Metro Firefighters.

“It’s just a matter of dealing with it,” said firefighter Ron Phillips.

Sometimes it means putting on 45 pounds of gear to put out fires.

But in triple-digit temperatures, not only are they working under the hot sun, but they’re also handling heat-related emergencies.

“We really need to cool her off. I think she’ll calm down a bit. She was pretty hot.”

Firefighters headed to a call of a woman suffering from chest pains. It turns out it was brought about by the scorching temperatures.

“It was 93 degrees in the house.”

During the past few days, Metro Fire has responded to more than 50 heat-related calls ranging in severity. Firefighters say people aren’t prepared for it.

“When they go out in the elements, out in the heat, and they go and do the same kinds of activities when it’s not this hot, they’re having a difficult time with that,” said Capt. Bryan Thomson.

And it seems the heat is playing a factor in just about every call lately.

A young man was hit by a car. His injuries weren’t life-threatening, but it was clear the heat was getting to him.

“He was sweating profusely, and that’s the first sign of heat exhaustion,” Thomson said.


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