EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — The El Dorado County supervisor who is facing criminal charges held his first town hall since his arrest on Wednesday.

While the topic of the night was land-use issues, Ray Nutting’s recent arrest and investigation into perjury and conflict of interest charges were also on the menu.

He walked away from CBS13’s camera, but eventually came back.

“I voted for the man, said Janet Maynard. “I still think he should step down for the good of the community.”

He’s also facing charges of filing false documents, all of which stem from taxpayer dollars Nutting received for work he’s done clearing brush and trimming trees on his own land, as well as other income he didn’t report on state financial-disclosure forms.

But despite the charges, many at the meeting support Nutting.

“I think he’s innocent until proven guilty, and carry on like you’ve been doing until something else happens,” Skip Kelly said.

“Only an idiot would convict a person before trial,” said Richard Johnson.

But others worry about what his votes as a county supervisor could cost taxpayers.

“Every time he votes on something, if he doesn’t clear up his personal agenda with these legal issues, this is all going to come back to the county as cost,” said Sam Teresi.

Nutting’s response:

“I plan on being exonerated by September and there will be no problems.”

At this point, he remains on the board, but recuses himself from voting on any financial matter on advice from county counsel.

His arraignment is scheduled for later this month.


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