STOCKTON (CBS13) – A group of alleged would-be thieves were sent running scared after a Stockton homeowner caught them trying to break into his home.

Despite being caught on surveillance video at the Erickson Circle home, they’re still on the run.

The homeowner was inside when he heard the commotion and quickly realized something wasn’t right.

“It’s kind of dangerous,” said homeowner Viliami Tohi.

Tohi’s 9-year-old daughter looked outside and saw a group of thieves trying to get inside.

“The oldest one told me there are some kids in the backyard,” Tohi said.

The kids appear to be teenagers. Video from several neighbor’s security cameras captured the trio entering the backyard, but Viliami was able to scare them away before they could get inside.

“I just said ‘hey,’ like screamed it, and they fled out,” he said.

The group left behind a broken window and a large rock one of them hurled through the family room window.

Neighbors, frustrated with the lack of arrests, called police Saturday afternoon. That’s when someone spotted teens they believed looked like the would-be thieves caught on tape. They showed officers the surveillance video. Officers spoke with the teens, but no one was arrested.

“It’s dangerous for everybody cause if they go inside someone’s home and they are armed, guess what? And that’s unfortunate,” one neighbor said.

At least three other neighbors on the block say their homes have been hit.

“I’m hoping someone will say ‘that’s my son!’ and talk to them, and tell them how dangerous this is and what can happen; because what they are taking is not worth their lives,” said another neighbor.

Neighbors are hopeful video evidence will lead to an arrest.

Police say the teens they spoke with Saturday were not the suspects and continue their search. They hope the surveillance tape helps identify the three teens soon.


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