LATHROP (CBS13) — A high-school scuffle gets ugly as girls go wild. But one student stood tall, and she’s being honored by law enforcement for her actions.

We’ve seen it time and again: Fists fly while students grab their cellphones to record and later upload the video.

Faced with a similar fight, Asianya Jones refused to be a bystander.

“One of the girls is punching really bad on the ground.”

This spring, the Lathrop High School student walked up on a crowd of 20 to 30 kids filming and cheering on a vicious fight between two freshman girls.

“This was far more than the average schoolyard fight,” said San Joaquin Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Watson.

She could have watched like everyone else. Instead, she pulled the girls apart.

“It’s just natural instinct—seeing someone helpless made me want to help them—watching people pull out their phones just to get a few minutes of a fight was really disappointing.”

Doing the right thing isn’t always the popular thing, though. In the weeks after the fight, students made fun of her for doing the right thing.

“People called me a hero sarcastically and asked why I stopped such a good fight.”

It didn’t bother her much then, and especially not now. She’s been honored by law enforcement for her actions and given a plaque at city hall.

Her beaming parents say she’s always known right from wrong.

“Really proud of her. She’s just that type of girl.”

And she proved it, stepping up when nobody else would.

“It was just a selfless act. I just did what any typical person should’ve done.”

Even after all the awards and attention Asianya—who by the way plays three sports and carries a 4.25 GPA—doesn’t consider herself a hero.

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