Keith and Dave led off the show by talking about the jaw-dropping performance of the A’s Yoenis Cespedes in last night’s home run derby in which he outslugged Bryce Harper of the Washington Nationals to take the title.

After reviewing some headlines around the world of sports, Keith and Dave discussed the upcoming American Century Championship Golf Tournament in Tahoe.

Later on, the guys hit the Five Big Questions. Today’s topics included whether Yoenis Cespedes is likely to stay with the A’s for the majority of his career, Tiger Woods’ elbow injury and its effect on his chances to win the British Open, A-Rod missing a rehab assignment, the desire to watch the All-Star Game, and whether the Raiders will be able to build a new stadium in Oakland.

Keith and Dave then reset the headlines of the day before moving on to “Three Up, Three Down”.

The guys spent a segment discussing some headlines from beyond the field of play before moving into the Red Card Payoff for the day. Keith and Dave have managed to clean it up after a sloppy first week, cutting their collective Red Card Average in half. However, despite getting more of their facts straight, Dave made two major missteps that cost him today: first, admitting a fondness for Coldplay; second, claiming that “Caddyshack” is the most overrated sports movie of all time. Keith had more flaggable offenses, but Nate and Mike D decided that they couldn’t let Dave slide as Tuesday’s Big Loser of the Day.


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