SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Pope is offering a purgatory pass to anyone who follows him on Twitter.

Well, it’s not quite that easy, but if you’ve got some repenting to do, this could help.

It’s one of the Vatican’s oldest traditions—offering indulgences to sinners. A spiritual cleanse sure to get you through purgatory much faster and right to the pearly gates.

Now Pope Francis is creating a new tradition to keep with the times: Following him on Twitter will take time off of purgatory.

The Pontiff’s flock of more than 2.6 million followers is sure to increase now with those in need of forgiveness.

But just following the Pope won’t get you forgiven. The Catholic Church says you’ve got to do more than just follow.

Pope Francis’ intent is to reach as many teens as possible during Catholic World Youth Day next week in Rio De Janeiro—one of the church’s biggest events.

To earn an indulgence, you must follow it online through Twitter and Facebook while praying and celebrating.

Getting to Paradise may be just a few clicks away, but only the man upstairs knows if you’re truly a faithful follower.


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