SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A string of robberies in midtown Sacramento is leaving residents fed up and fighting for safer streets.

Sacramento police say they’ve increased patrols in midtown after four armed robberies and an attempted robbery just this weekend by apparently the same two people.

CBS13 is getting answers about how neighbors are stepping up to keep from becoming the next victims.
The description of suspects and the gun they used is pretty much the same in all five crimes, say police. Neighbors believe the robbers are targeting people out enjoying a weekend night and bar and restaurant employees just getting off work.

The incidents happened over the course of two nights. And each time, the incidents were within minutes of each other. The suspects seemed to be pretty brazen, firing a gunshot after one of the incidents.

“It’s probably the same two people doing it over and over and over,” said a nearby resident.

On Saturday morning, two men robbed a group of people at 27th and E Streets. Five minutes later and one block away, a couple would be held at gunpoint.

The very next night at around 3 a.m., three more robberies happened between 16th and 18th Streets and O and R Streets.

The victims were forced to hand over their wallets and phones at gunpoint.

“We are looking to the police and to council member Steve Hansen and Midtown Business Association for leadership on this issue,” said Julie Murphy, a neighborhood association member.

Although police say they’ve ramped up patrols, people who live here say they’re fed up with the crime.

“It’s been a year since Joseph Long lost his life in my neighborhood and I don’t want that to happen again,” said Murphy.

Long’s murder remains unsolved. He was hit by a stray bullet during an argument.

After this weekend’s robberies, the association plans to organize their own neighborhood watch to help catch the criminals.

“In the years past we have had a larger police force and that has had a positive impact upon crime statistics, so we need to get back to having a larger police force,” said Murphy.

One of the victims Sunday morning was able to get away from the suspects before they could take anything.


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