Keith and Dave opened the show by talking about Ryan Braun getting busted for PEDs, even after vehemently denying last year’s failed test. The boys talk about what the repercussions should be for Braun and whether it really matters that he’s decided to come clean now that he’s been caught.

The show then turned its focus to the latest group that is trying to stop an arena from being built in downtown before launching into the Five Big Questions. Today’s set focused mostly on baseball, between PEDs and the Matt Garza trade with a college football question tossed in at the end.

Then it was time to debut the show’s newest segment, “Make the Case,” in which the guys on the show have twenty five seconds to present a case on a topic of their choice.

After reviewing some of the day’s headlines and handling “Three Up/Three Down,” the guys revisited the Five Big Questions before moving to the Big Loser Payoff. Keith and Dave kept it pretty close today, but Keith was elected Biggest Loser after showing up to work in a Kings jersey and hat. Nate and Mike D have no tolerance for posers in the studio.


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