SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The uncle of a man suspected of killing two family members and setting their house on fire says the crimes could have been prevented, but his warnings to police were ignored.

Darryl Felmley said earlier this week he contacted Sacramento Police about his nephew, Abraham Felmley, before Monday’s violent rampage.

Abraham Felmley was the primary suspect in the deaths of what are believed to be two family members inside a Sacramento County home on French Camp Road, and the fire that consumed that home. He is also believed to have stolen a truck at the home, then carjacked a fisherman in Merced.

Abraham Felmley was found dead on Tuesday in Huntington Beach, about six hours away, with another unidentified person.

On Tuesday, Sacramento Police said they did not have a record of the phone calls from Darryl Felmley.

On Wednesday, when CBS13 provided them with more information about the days and times the calls were made, police were able to find the record of Darryl Felmley’s calls.

“This is exhausting.”

Darryl Felmley hasn’t slept much since the bodies believed to be of his brother, Dennis, and father, Chesley, were found in a Sacramento County home.

He says he warned detectives of Abraham’s strange behavior during three separate phone calls during the past week.

“Had been putting these threatening statements on Facebook and so that’s why I called the police.”

He made the first call on Thursday to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. It lasted seven minutes, and detectives say because Abraham was believed to be a transient in Sacramento, the dispatcher told Darryl to call the Sacramento Police Department.

So he did. And Sacramento Police said they couldn’t do anything unless he committed a crime. That call lasted almost 15 minutes. Again, Darryl voiced his concerns. Police say they couldn’t do much, since they didn’t have an exact address to track Abraham down.

But Darryl made one more call to police, just hours before the alleged murders on Monday. This time it was about whether Abraham could be responsible for crimes committed in Midtown.

But by the afternoon, Dennis and Chesley were dead. Victims of a murder Darryl says could have been prevented.

When asked if he felt the police heard his complaint, he said, “No, not at all. They didn’t. It’s like borderline rude, because she asked me three or four times, ‘What do you want us to do? He hasn’t committed a crime.’”

Police say they took the call from Darryl on both occasions, but were not able to track the suspect down, because he didn’t have a known address.


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