The show led off today with some light stuff, with Keith and Dave discussing Keith’s struggles to become an adequate golfer and the adventures that entail when you wear a 2-Pac t-shirt to a country club.

After tackling some off-field headlines, the guys launched into the Five Big Questions as well as the latest on Aaron Hernandez.

Then things blew up when the Keith, Dave, Nate, and Mike D got into a shouting match over whether or not the NL should adopt the Designated Hitter. Keith and Nate both vehemently believe that the DH should be a part of both leagues, while Dave and Mike D almost stroked out while defending the traditionalism of the National League.

After revisiting the Five Big Questions, Angie Balfour (wife of A’s reliever Grant Balfour) checked in with the show to talk about the “Miles for Smiles” treadmill run to benefit children born in developing countries with a cleft.

Then came the Red Card Payoff for the day – it was another close call, but Keith edged Dave as the Big Loser of the Day for making the guys get glamour shots taken after the day’s show.


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