SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A CHP officer is accused of sexual battery inside of an Arden Fair mall bathroom, and surveillance video helped track him down.

It took more than a month to arrest CHP officer Jeffery Closson, who investigators say inappropriately touched a 22-year-old disabled man in a Macy’s bathroom on June 20.

The man’s family, who didn’t want to talk on camera, says Closson was also exposing and touching himself.

Steve Reed, the head of Arden Fair security, says they were able to use the mall’s network of high-definition cameras to track Clossen to his car.

“We got the car when it was coming in initially. We got the license plate, we pretty much had an idea who the individual was the very first day.”

Mall shoppers were astonished.

“I just can’t believe that a police officer, someone who is supposed to be protecting people would come out and touch someone.”

Tonight, the CHP is saying Clossen is on administrative leave.

The agency release a statement reading in part, “The allegations that have been brought forward are disturbing. Even as the alleged incident occurred while the employee was off-duty, the CHP takes any allegation of misconduct by its employees seriously.”

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