LINDA (CBS13) — Investigators are trying to figure out what killed a woman’s 11-day-old baby, discovered in a Linda motel room littered with drug paraphernalia.

That mother is behind bars tonight on a charge of felony child endangerment after deputies were called out on Wednesday to the motel on North Beale Road.

In addition to the suspect and the body of the baby, they found her 5-year-old son in the room at the Rio Inn. He was placed in protective custody.

Police say Jennifer Sierra and her children had been living there for several days before the baby died.

Deputies say the room was littered with syringes, baggies, scales and liquid thought to be heroin.

“She was pregnant at the time she started living here, and after she had the baby, I didn’t see the baby outside too much at all. I just noticed a lot of traffic in and out of the house, and it didn’t look like the kids were getting taken care of at all.”

An autopsy is being done to determine how the baby girl died. More charges could be filed against the mom.


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