ROCKLIN (CBS13) — A Rocklin mother is throwing a party to say ta-ta to her ta-tas before choosing to undergo a double mastectomy.

Two years ago, Susan Wilson found out she had the BRCA-2 gene. Her doctor told her she had an 85 percent chance of developing breast cancer.

So, her husband Peter says the decision for Susan to undergo a double mastectomy seemed like a no-brainer.

“When the doctor says this is your chance of having cancer, that’s pretty scary.”

The information weighed on Susan’s mind.

“I’ve had this info for two years, and it’s been two years of me thinking about the best decision for me.”

Once Susan made the decision, she decided instead of wallowing over losing her breasts, why not celebrate saying goodbye?

“It’s just our way of dealing with it in an upbeat way instead of a sullen moment. I’d rather have fun with it if I can.”

There’s still fear about making such a life-changing decision.

“I think about the two little girls that I have and what’s scarier to me is not being there for them.”

Her family, she says, is the only reason why she’s brave enough to do this.

“I want my wife to be with me when we’re 80 or 90 years old, and this will help her do that.”

Susan’s surgery is scheduled for Aug. 12.

As long as cancer isn’t found during the double mastectomy, she will begin reconstruction right away.


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