On today’s Don Geronimo show Don started off the show by recapping the State Fair wedding and how KCRA didn’t include us in their coverage. Don and the boys then talked about their favorite TV anchors. Comedian Carlos Mencia joined the boys in studio to promote his shows at the Punchline and talked about the PC world we live in. Don then played some recently released audio of JFK and talked about his affair with Mimi Beardsly. Tia Ewing from Fox 40 called in because she heard we were talking about her on Twitter, and Don invited her to join us in studio. Don then talked about the most recent lawsuit against Paula Dean where she wanted her black employees to dress as “Aunt Jemima”. Don played audio of Anthony Weiner and Sydney Leathers and talked about their “sexting” and then played audio of OJ Simpson at his parole hearing.


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