The Grant Napear Show started with Grant talking about the group opposing the new Sacramento Kings arena being built in downtown Sacramento and more talk about DeMarcus Cousins and his future with the Kings.

Ryan Lillis, writer for the Sacramento Bee, came on with Grant and talked about the STOP group and a group based out of Orange County, CA. and what Kings fans can expect from this process going forward and what all of the talk is about and what needs to happen for the new arena to move forward with no issues.

Sacramento Kings point guard, Isaiah Thomas, came on The Grant Napear Show to talk about Isaiah Thomas’ youth skills academy for boys and girls ages 6-16. Isaiah also talked about what he has seen with the new coaching staff and the changes he has seen with Michael Malone taking over as the head coach of the Kings, Grant also talked to Thomas about how he deals with the Kings making trades and putting competition in front of him.

San Francisco Giants broadcaster, Dave Fleming and Grant had a spirited discussion about the San Francisco Giants and what the team needs to do in order to make the playoffs and what has happened to put the Giants in this situation.

Grant had Angels broadcaster, Jose Mota, on the show and talked about the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and their series with the Oakland Athletics this weekend. Jose talked about the Angels and their struggles this season in the AL West division. Jose talked about the defensive and offensive struggles the Angels have had this season and how the A’s are the opposite of that.

FOX play-by-play announcer, Thom Brennaman, joined The Grant Napear Show and talked about the Oakland Athletics success this season, the struggles the Angels have had, and how disappointing it is considering the contracts and athletes that the Angels have on their roster.


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