Leila Fowler Murder Investigation Timeline

By Kyle Buis


MAY 1: Police Downplay Placerville Kidnapping Link To Valley Springs Girl’s Death
MAY 3: Yuba City Police On Lookout After Two Attempted Abductions
With a description of a mysterious murderer that nobody has been able to locate, fears arise that some crimes could share a perpetrator. One of the three cases involved a Placerville mom who had her child snatched from her arms in her own apartment. In Yuba City, two teenagers were approached separately by a suspect with similar descriptions.


MAY 1: Investigators Analyzing Knives, Searching For Clues In Leila Fowler Murder
Investigators look into knives that could have been used in the crime. While they continued to question witnesses and gather information, there is still no word on a possible suspect.

MAY 2: Police: Witness in Leila Fowler Murder ‘No Longer Credible’
A major blow is dealt to the investigation of Leila Fowler’s death when the Calaveras County Deputy Sgt. Chris Hewitt says the only witness other than Isaiah Fowler has stopped cooperating with the investigation and investigators say her testimony is ‘no longer credible.’

MAY 4: Officials Canvassing In Search For Leila Fowler’s Killer
A week after the horrific death of Leila Fowler, her neighbors try to come to terms with her death while wondering why a suspect hadn’t been captured at the moment. With the recent recanting of a witness in the case, deputies said they were left without solid leads.

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